La Fabrique des Formats is a TV format accelerator for French and international creations, thanks to its monitoring services, training and expertise to support producers and an investment fund dedicated to financing the development of format projects, all genres included.


La Fabrique des Formats’s monitoring sessions are dedicated to discovery, information, reflection and debates on the field of worldwide audiovisual and digital formats, following 3 major axes : strategic data, networking & pitch sessions.

La Fabrique des Formats schedules monthly monitoring meetings on worldwide progamm trends, seminars about the topicality of the market of formats, pratical cases and valuable interactions with international audiovisual and digital experts. The purpose is to accompagny the creators and producers of formats all along the development of their projects, and to drive creativity and collaborations between all stakeholders in this industry, and tools on its website in a dedicated space, helpful for the development of their projects.

Our action focuses on competity leverage, innovation and creation of formats, and specifically on the competity advantage that a clear and up-to-date vision can provide on its market, products, and innovative services.



La Fabrique des Formats offers custom training tools to the professionals looking forward to better their knowledge and skills in the field of formats :

International masterclasses :

La Fabrique des Formats, in partnership with MIPFormats, sets up masterclasses with international format experts (scripted and non-scripted formats) for audiovisual and digital professionals. The masterclasses are an opportunity for French stakeholders to meet international experts, discuss worldwide format trends and be part of the professional excellence. The masterclasses are hosted by Nathalie Wogue and are accessible to all members of la Fabrique des Formats.

Academic FABLABs :

Academic FABLABs are a learning process dedicated to postgraduate students in Media & Communication, which purpose is to encourage futur professionals to become format entrepreneurs through a learning path in which they invest in an audiovisual format creation process, leading them to professionalisation, in relation to la Fabrique des Formats’s other support devices (including project finance and support). Two FABLABS are currently effective : Two FABLABS are currently effective : one in partnership with Banijay at CELSA-Sorbonne University, and one in partnership with WeMake at Paris-Diderot University, with both compagnies willing to spot new talents. They are supported by teachers and immersive monitoring sessions about the format market, and take place in several stages, in relation to the specification of a call for projects, from the concept development and the production of a pilot (with Arte Studio), to meeting with a jury of professionals.

Professional training :

La Fabrique des Formats is building, in partnership with CPNEF de l’Audiovisuel, AFDAS and CELSASorbonne University, certifications for the three key roles in the field of formats : writing, development and distribution. The purpose is to kindle a deep interest on formats from professionals, compagnies, and training organizations from the audiovisual and digital sector, allowing French stakeholders to be part of the international format market.

Trainings available in 2019 : Audiovisual and digital format developer (150-hour-long certified training in partnership with le CELSA), Format essentials & Occasional trainers training (short trainings).


With a dedicated investment fund, la Fabrique des Formats offers a support mechanism and project finance on format development and pilot production. La Fabrique des Formats sets up, on its own or in partnership with experts, festivals or talent-hunting producers, regular calls for projects for the audiovisual and digital sector.

All projects are read and appraised by our selection Committee represented by various stakeholders in the market of formats. Once a project is selected, la Fabrique des Formats invests in the production of a pilot (at the level of
50% MAX of production budget) and supports the producer throughout each phase of development. The producer comits into investing the same amount from industry, cash or other partners’s contribution.

Our selection Committee focuses on the quality and the originality of the project, the commercial potential in France and abroad, the possible deployment on new media, and the economic coherence of the project.

La Fabrique des Formats defines an agreement letter with the producer that establishes the repayment conditions depending on the life cycle of the format : 50% of the down payment if the format does not go into production, and 50%-increments according to the broadcasters’s orders (maximum 200% of the investment), if the format is produced and broadcast. Besides, la Fabrique des Formats does not claim any IP nor revenues from international sales.

Our investment fund is the result of a fundraising close to €2M issued in summer 2016. It is provided by private bank Natixis, through its subsidiary Alliance Entreprendre (turned to the audiovisual sector) ; and by public fund Revital’Emploi.